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Are you restless and know something is missing, yet you can’t put your finger on it?

Do you instinctively know there has to be a better way, yet don’t know what that is?

A major shift is stirring in today’s corporate world. Leaders at all levels are feeling a sense of restlessness with many questioning the value of what they do and wondering how to find more meaning in their lives.

Often we ignore life’s nudges and it can take a major calamity or health scare to wake us up and make the necessary changes. Finally here is a book for today’s Restless Executives that shows us how to reclaim who we are and lead from that place.

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The Restless Executive is a modern fable from an author with over 25 years corporate experience, which includes coaching top international business leaders.

Meet Jo

Jo Simpson has a unique talent for transforming ‘Restless Executives’ into courageous modern leaders.


Jo’s journey, in writing this powerful book to support Restless Executives, is shared through videos, interviews and book reviews.


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