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Great reviews of the Restless Executive by industry leaders, authors and clients.


‘The Restless Executive is an important book for leaders questioning their path. The practical tools and tips support you to work in a way that is more in line with your values. This creates the powerful and positive intervention that is the missing piece many leaders are seeking.’

‘I love this book. Because it is written as a story, I was totally captivated all the way through, and had a lot of valuable insights along the way. It helped me confront some of my own restlessness and take a deeper look at what my most important values are and make a new commitment to live them more fully. I highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t totally satisfied with your work or your life.’

‘Jo is an incredible coach whom I would (and indeed have done so) recommend without hesitation to anyone that would benefit from a personal transformation. She is clearly passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. The Restless Executive serves as a highly valuable extension of her incredible work.’

- Helen Tupper

Head of Consumer, Virgin Management

- Jack Canfield

Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

- Paul Callaghan

FCA, Partner, Audit, KPMG
More reviews of the Restless Executive by industry leaders, authors and clients.

‘It’s true that you will read this book and recognise yourself in the story if you have ever questioned the way you operate. Jo captures the essence of what it really means to live and lead from your core values and how that will truly transform the impact of your leadership, whilst enriching the experience of those around you.’

—Jeremy Bevan, Vice President, Marketing, Cisco

‘Too many professionals suffer a huge disconnect between what they do every day and what they truly want out of life. Read Jo Simpson’s The Restless Executive to link your daily life to your values – you’ll find yourself re-energized and content at the same time!’

—Marshall Goldsmith, international bestselling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Thinkers 50 Top Ten Global Business Thinker and top ranked executive coach.

‘This fast-moving book puts you in touch with the most important quality of leaders: they know who they are, what they believe, and they don’t compromise.’

—Brian Tracy, author of How the Best Leaders Lead

‘The Restless Executive provides much needed guidance on how to lead organisations in the new democratic age at work. Jo offers a blueprint on how to lead with purpose and from the heart. This is much needed for all leaders today.’

—Miranda Ash, Chief Community Evangelist, WorldBlu

‘Whether you are a ‘restless executive’ or not, Jo Simpson’s inspiring book explains how your core values can guide you to a more fulfilling life, both at work, and at home. Read it and work towards what you want to be.’

—Michael Woodhead, Chief Executive, HCP

‘I loved this book! Jo tells a wonderful universal story with incisiveness, wisdom and humour. She articulates beautifully the heroic journey we are all on to show up with our authentic Self and our true values in the world. Read this book and be inspired, validated and guided to unwrapping more of who you truly are so you will be happier and the world will benefit from who you truly you.’

—Nick Williams, bestselling author of nine books, including The Work We Were Born to Do

‘In The Restless Executive Jo Simpson takes a complex subject and explains it in a way that is so easily relatable that I am sure there are plenty of ‘restless executives’ who will rec- ognise themselves in this interesting journey of a book. This insightful book allows you to intimately follow William Cleverley’s journey of transformation and perhaps think about how you too can engage in a process of self-discovery. Using The Restless Executive, Jo Simpson shows us that there really is a different way to work and live.’

—Karen Fisher, Head of HR, HCP

‘What a great book! Jo Simpson has really pulled it off here – a page turning and well written story that entertains and educates in equal measure. Within a few pages I found myself very quickly drawn into William Cleverley’s journey and perhaps uncomfortably at times, recognised elements of my own on-going leadership challenge. I felt compelled to keep the pages turning but and ultimately The Restless Executive is a hugely thought provoking and uplifting book. This is a rare thing for me – a business read that will stay in my mind for a long time; a story that resonates at many levels with many powerful ideas and tips to come back to again and again. If I take one thing away, it’s that chang- ing the way you lead really is possible when you act positively on the core values that define who you are. I am sure that leaders the world over will take their own meaning and benefit from Jo’s work.’

—Paul Meneely, HR Director, Cavendish Nuclear

“There are plenty of restless executives who will recognise themselves in this brilliant book. Through eloquent story telling Jo Simpson demonstrates that by reclaiming your values you really can be true to yourself, lead with purpose and love what you do.”

—Keith Robson, Senior Director, Learning and Organisation Development (L&OD), eBay Global Marketplaces

“This brilliant parable will help you discover who you truly are at your core and support you to lead with courage. The Restless Executive is perfect for people who are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and struggling with the constant day to day demands placed on them.”

—Dave Sharpe, Event Host, BBC Broadcaster and Communications Specialist

“The Restless Executive is the road map to becoming who you truly want to be and accomplishing your ultimate goals! Within these pages you will learn how to re-align yourself with your core values and shift your perspective to get in touch with who you really are and become who you really want to be. If your aim is to evolve and grow as an individual so you’ll be empowered to lead with courage and reach new heights of success, fulfillment, and purpose, you need to read this book.”

—Ivan Misner, Ph.D., NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI®

“If you choose only one book to support you in your personal journey to find and be the authentic ‘you’, you should make it this one. Through the story of William, Jo Simpson poses thought provoking questions for today’s executives – many of whom will empathise with William›s corporate world. By exploring how we choose to honour and embed our core values in all aspects of life, Jo offers a compelling invitation for personal change and self-fulfilment. A truly uplifting read full of encouragement and practical ideas.”

—Jennifer Whitehill, Head of Talent Management, E.ON UK HR


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