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Meet Jo

Jo Simpson has a unique talent for transforming ‘Restless Executives’ into courageous modern leaders.

Her career of over 25 years holds an impressive track record, much of it spent leading training teams and delivering education programmes in the banking sector across Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific.

In the early 2000s, Jo challenged her own “Restlessness”, sparking a fast track period of personal and professional transformation.

After qualifying as a professional coach, Jo moved to Dubai in 2005, where she established Coaching and Mentoring Middle East LLC.

This groundbreaking company was instrumental in transforming the management culture of numerous local and international organisations.

Jo is an engaging keynote speaker and executive leadership coach and since returning to the UK in 2010, she continues to pioneer her methodologies for values-based leadership and innovative team development.

The Restless Executive shares Jo’s first-hand experience that the key to lasting empowerment and transformation for leaders and their teams lies in aligning with their core values to become the intuitive, enlightened leaders of today’s new business paradigm.

When not busy transforming the corporate world, Jo loves dancing, learning to play the clarinet and spending time in nature, especially walking in the countryside, being by the ocean and skiing in the mountains.

To keep in touch with Jo and learn more about how to transform your Restlessness – go to www.josimpson.com and register for her regular updates from her blogs, interviews, resources,
speaking engagements and tips.



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