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From Restless to Revitalised…

From Restless to Revitalised…

As an Executive, Manager or Team Leader, you may sometimes feel out of touch with what once made you so passionate about your work. This shows up as restlessness. The goals that previously gave you the drive to achieve and feel a sense of achievement may feel absent. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is completely possible for you to reclaim your purpose, enthusiasm and the drive that’s essential for you to feel fulfilled, motivated and ultimately successful (whatever that means to you personally). Creating and leading a thriving team is a direct result of the leader knowing who they are, and acting in alignment with what’s important to them.

My work with Senior Leaders helps them to reinvigorate their roles and crucially, the way they show up and lead. The two are, after all, inextricably linked. Many of the insights derived from my coaching can be found in my new book, ‘The Restless Executive – Reclaim your values, love what you do and lead with purpose’. (Available to Pre-Order here). In it you’ll find some of my thoughts on restlessness and how it can impact you both personally and professionally.

Here is where the ‘Disconnect’ appears, which leads to the restless feeling. Most executives, leaders and managers do not actually know what it is that is truly important to them, let alone the priority order of these drivers

For leadership to be truly authentic and powerful, your actions must be aligned to your own core values. It’s my experience that over time, people drift away from who they truly are at their core – hence the ‘Disconnect’ and it often takes something monumental, such as a health scare, to get people to stop and think. If we just take the time to stop and listen to ourselves, to our gut instincts or intuition, we can avoid this happening. This is something I go deeper into in the book. Where once you felt you were in the driving seat of your career, there can come a point where you feel like you have lost control and the business is driving you.

In my role as speaker and coach, I encourage leaders to get in touch with their intuition, core values and own the choices they make. To journey from restless to revitalised, it is really important to be honest with yourself, identify what it is that is truly important, what it is you love doing and reconnect to the truth of who you are. Making the necessary changes is not without challenge and takes courage, yet the journey it takes you on is so very rewarding, should you decide to ‘Go There’.

If you are ready to answer the call, embrace and overcome your restlessness, I invite you to invest in a copy of The Restless Executive (Click Here) and enjoy the discovery and subsequent transformation that is in store for you…

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