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Packed with practical tools, tips and techniques, The Restless Executive takes us on William Cleverly’s powerful journey of transformation into becoming a courageous leader. Combining an engaging story with a practical guide, this book encourages and enables you to transform your own restlessness. Through aligning your values and honouring your intuition you will emerge as an empowered, heart centred modern leader.

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The Restless Executive speaks to a growing challenge faced by today’s leaders – how to overcome feelings of unrest and frustration and lead, once again, with purpose.


The Restless Executive  is a modern fable from an author with over 25 years corporate experience, which includes coaching top international business leaders. This story reveals how aligning personal values with leadership style can transform performance and job satisfaction, and cure the restlessness so many of today s professionals are experiencing.

Are you leading aligned to your values? Or are you restless in a role where you re overworked, frustrated and pulled in all directions? The Restless Executive offers an alternative to being conditioned by your external environment and invites you to discover your own personal values, to lead with energy and purpose and to transform your working life and that of those around you.

Packed full of practical tools, tips and techniques. A practical guide which shows you how to explore your own restlessness and discover the gifts it holds and transform the way you live and lead as you develop deeper levels of engagement, motivation and trust.



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